About Us

Oaks Nursery is getting out of the retail business, they have sales every Saturday, only $4 a plant, maybe should go and get a FEW more”  Do you see the plan developing, I didn’t!  So off we go, almost every Saturday until fall, and I’m Hooked!  Go figure. 

Our big bad Guard Squirrel

The next spring  when we called to continue getting our fix we found out the Shady Oaks has now only selling wholesale. Oh! The withdrawals were going to be very rough!!!.  Then came the bright light at the end of the dark, dismal tunnel, “What is the name of your Nursery?  So Maple River Gardens was born that day.  Because we have friends in the area that could use a deal on great Hostas.

Specializing in Hosta and other shade perennials

Maple River Gardens

How it Started

Maple River Gardens started when Jan wanted to move her few hostas from under the roof overhang on the north side of our house to a better place.  So the move was made to  a great spot west of some fir and blue spruce and under a couple of green Ash. Getting 3 hours of afternoon sun, then shades by 2 big silver maples.  Out came the John Deere utility tractor with a 5 foot tiller, small pickup loads of sand and compost; when the dust cleared, with much pride I thought that this was a “nice looking spot of fluffy black dirt.”    Wrong! I was informed that that was not nearly enough room, so back at it we went and doubled the size.  Now the fun began as we dug up, moved, arranged and planted what we had. It filled up 1/3 of the area.  “ Well Shady

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