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Hosta ĎGood Thunderí

Developing at Maple River Gardens

Presently a 4 year old tissue culture sport of Risky ĎBusinessí

Comes up a creamy white slowly changing to a much small version of its parent†

Growing Hostas in Nokomis Florida

Residents at our park in Nokomis Florida, (located half way between Tampa Bay and Fort Meyers) so Jan and I took a potted Emerald Scepter and green and white mini.† We also took a Orionís Belt the was prepared the same way we ship our plants.

Since hostas need at least 40 days of dormancy at temperatures under 40 degrees to winter over, we places them in our fridge for 2 weeks before we left for Florida.

When we arrived we put them in our beer fridge and got so busy we forgot about then until December 8th.† When we found them in the back of the fridge, the dirt was very dried out.† Hoping for the best we potted and watered them and set them in a warm spot.† On December 17th I noticed a few small buds.† The photos were taken 2 days later as we were leaving for Christmas in Minnesota.† Keep posted as the Florida Hosta world turns

January 6th

Upon returning from the COLD, the potted plants are doing Great. Now we need to keep the bunnies and huge slugs away.

Emerald Scepter

Orionís Belt

Well upon arriving on October 15th, we removed the hostas from the refrigerator and set them in the shady side of the lanai.

Added a little water and watched the hostas jump out of the dirt.†† Sort of!† Emerald Scepter and the green and white mini are doing great, Orianís Belt must have taken off for the stars, and didnít come back.

Dead! Noda!


Emerald Scepter and the green and white mini are still doing great.† The only thing that has yet to happen is for the plants to bloom.† They also suffer from the heat and sun faster then in Minnesota.† Canít have everything!